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May Day 2024

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    • Illustration hand drawn by Misha Lam, the artist and owner of Misha Hawaii Home.
    • This work is inspired by the The Legend of Ohia and Lehua. The story is deeply ingrained in Hawaiian culture and serves as a cautionary tale about love, jealousy, and transformation. Ohia and Lehua were two lovers deeply in love with each other. However, Pele, the fiery goddess of volcanoes, also fell in love with Ohia. When Ohia remained faithful to Lehua, Pele grew furious and transformed Ohia into a twisted and gnarled tree, now known as the ohia tree. Heartbroken by the transformation of her beloved Ohia, Lehua pleaded with the gods to reunite them. In response to her plea, the gods took pity on Lehua and transformed her into the beautiful Lehua flower, which grows on the ohia tree. Legend has it that if one picks the Lehua flower, it will rain because the tears of Lehua and Ohia reunite once again.
    • The matted prints are giclée prints. Each print includes archival front mat and back mat so they are ready to frame. To fit standard sizing and allow for easy framing, slight cropping from the original may occur.
    • Takes 1-2 weeks to process not including shipping time
    • Our canvas prints use high quality, latex inks to provide rich and impressive color. All canvas prints are 1 1/4" deep.
    • Canvas prints are available with or without a Floating Wood Frame. Free shipping. Takes 3-4 Weeks.