Welcome to Misha Hawaii Home

I am happy you are here! I have always had a love for home decor and interiors. Growing up in Hawaii, I was always surrounded by nature and influenced by the diversity of Hawaii. I studied Fine Art, but decided to pursue my love for Fashion Design in New York after college. The last 10 years I have been creating jewelry under my brand Misha Hawaii. Now it’s all coming full circle as I dive back into fine art after 20 years. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to create my second brand and reignite my passion for Fine Art. Misha Hawaii Home is inspired by the beauty of Hawaii and my passion for great design. My style is laid back, relaxed, yet refined. I love beautiful spaces that are made to be lived in. I believe your home should be an oasis where you gather, and live a life of elegant simplicity.

Xo, Misha

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